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Less Ingredients. More Taste.

You have your ketchup, mayonnaise, maybe hot sauce as your standard condiments. But what if you could enhance the flavor of your food.. without any additives?

With hand picked Asian spices, grapeseed oil, and chili flakes, Aro Chili is a premium chili oil that will elevate every meal.

Add Asia to your cooking.

Enhance the flavor of your food.

No salt. No MSG. No sugar.

We believe you can enhance the flavor of your food, without unnecessary additives.

We only use authentic Asian spices, sourced from our local Asian grocers. Every bite will make you feel like you’re in Asia.

Foods you eat already have enough sodium, so we never add salt or MSG.

We never add sugar or preservatives. Our product tastes great just the way it is!

We only use grapeseed oil because of its premium quality and neutral taste. It is also high in vitamin E and antioxidants.

We promise you will never see the word “powder” or “freeze dried” in our ingredient list. Every bottle is prepared with only fresh produce.

And most of all, we promise to never compromise quality for cost. Even when we get big. 😉

Our Story:

I am a huge chili avid – whether that’s sauces or oils or the chilis themselves – I just love them. My passion for food, specifically Asian food began when I took a trip to that part of the world in 2016. Experiencing and exposing yourself to different cultures will teach you a lot about yourself… things you really had no idea about before. When I came back to the UK I expanded my passion for food, from teaching myself to cook my favorite noodles to learning how to gut fish. Even my Instagram page @harneats looks like it’s straight out of an East Asian magazine… that’s where the passion lies.

Okay, a little off track here but the point is I know asian flavors; I’ve lived those aromatic, flavor packed foods in Asia and when I came back to the UK, I felt that the chili oils here were not the same. That’s when I made my first chili oil. I remembered the spices, so I used those to try and replicate the same feeling I got when I was in China. After a year of working on the recipe, having it on omelets, pizza, and even salad, I came up with the chili oil we have today.

My husband to be and business partner, William, is the one who tasted it for the first time whilst we were dating and said “damn, this is the best chili oil I’ve ever had.” He convinced me to make a product out of it.. and here we are today! Without him, I wouldn’t have been able to grace you all with this experience.

We just want more people to really be able to enhance their food experience, even if you’re not much of a spice person. In Mandarin, the word “xiang” means fragrant. We believe that by adding Aro Chili to your food, it will be more “xiang” and aromatic. Try it for yourself.

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